Macsa ID launches idTIJ small character thermal inkjet printing solution.


Further reinforcing its unrivaled position at the forefront of high-performance coding and marking solutions, Macsa ID has launched its first ever small character thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer. With the Barcelona-based company’s well proven, proprietary marking software and intuitive, user-friendly design, the new idTIJ is particularly suited to high resolution, high-speed printing applications in the food, pharmaceutical, personal care and beverage industries.

Macsa’s exciting new idTIJ printer boasts a series of key features which combine to make it one of the best TIJ options on the market. The machine’s innovative design also ensures flexible and easy integration into existing production lines with maximum uptime.

Utilizing Macsa’s powerful marking software, the idTIJ offers accurate and consistent reproduction of barcodes, alphanumeric texts, 2d data matrix codes, dates, logos and graphics on to virtually any porous and non-porous surface, including cardboard, blister packs and PE and HDPE plastics.

Macsa’s idTIJ is compact, reliable and exceptionally simple to use even for the most novice operator.

It incorporates an intuitive 10” color touch screen which has been specially developed to facilitate easy installation, operation and maintenance, as well as improve the overall user experience.

For maximum production efficiencies, the idTIJ is capable of high-speed printing up to 150 m / min and 600 dpi. It offers high quality and fast drying print with excellent adhesion on a diverse range of materials.

The hygienic idTIJ benefits from Macsa’s wide range of ink formulations in a convenient, easily changeable print cartridge with no need to refill messy ink deposits.  The simple design allows operators to change the cartridge without any specialist technical knowledge.

Macsa’s low maintenance TIJ offers low life time cost of ownership as there are no spare parts. It can be easily integrated into any production line and incorporates technology tested in numerous markets.

An ink consumption calculator provides an estimation of ink left based on the information being printed and resolution used and real time indicator of the number of prints remaining. It provides automatic adjustment of the print parameters based on the type of ink being used as well as cartridge expiration date warning.

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