CIJ 400

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The easiest and affordable inkjet printer in the market.


The Linx CIJ400 printer is the easiest printer in the market to use and to carry, the cheapest to own and the fastest in configuration and printing.

The Linx CIJ400, distributed by Macsa ID, prints up to three lines of information (batch codes, dates, hours, text and other data) on virtually any surface, whether porous or non-porous.

By using continuous ink jet technology and without direct contact with the product, it prints on the product as it moves along the production line, and allows you to quickly change the code to be printed without long reconfigurations.



Simplify your coding
  • The Linx CJ400 is easy to use, maintain and transport.
  • Change easily the code without long reconfigurations.
Reduce interventions
  • The Easy-Change® module allows you to operate the printer without the need for technician intervention or service calls, saving time and costs.
Print quality and cost reduction
  • The Linx CJ400 can print characters with heights between 2 mm and 20 mm so you can print on both product and packaging.
  • PrintSync® system and line speed measurement ensures uniform print quality regardless of the speed of the production line.
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