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Module for the individual traceability of the supply chain.

Integra Serialization by Macsa gives each product (sales unit) a unique serial number, allowing it to be validated at one or more points of the supply chain, thus complying with the FMD Directive (Directive 2011/62/EU3).

Each production unit is coded with a unique ID, thus enabling:

 - Individual traceability.

 - Distribution channel control.

 - Control of counterfeit copies.

It includes the following features:

 - High-speed serialisation: for production lines with high outputs.

 - Print - verification – rejection cycle: so that only properly marked products are recorded, with the specified content and quality parameters.

 - Serial numbers obtained: using generation schemes and file import.

 - Serialization modes:

        · Bottom-up: created dynamically during manufacture

        · Top-down: created prior to manufacture

 - Export of serialized production.