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The specialist in small character laser coding.


The specialist in small character laser coding. It is clean, fast and easy to use. iCON 2 laser by Macsa is clean, fast and will reduce your maintenance and consumables bill to minimums.

iCON 2 lasers are an attractive alternative to continuous ink-jet printing systems.

CO2 iCON 2 lasers does not use ink, meaning that you cut costs by not using consumables. This also reduces maintenance of the laser system while achieving a production environment that is far cleaner and much more hygienic.



Reliable and permanent marking.
  • Macsa has 30 years of experience in development of laser technology. Your maintenance and repair costs are minimal.
  • iCON 2 marking is permanent and consistent, meaning it will last the life of your product. Suitable for most substrates: labels, carton, plastics, wood and textiles.
Fast and easy to use
  • iCON 2 is a sprinter. It uses high performance lenses, powerful hardware and advanced software, which allow the laser to take on the speeds of many production lines.
Accessible, compact and versatile
  • iCON 2 is unique. The price is no excuse for not going to the laser. iCON 2 is a high quality laser at a very competitive price.
  • iCON 2 can be installed anywhere. It is small and compact so it can be installed in complicated spaces. Thanks to the laser technology it allows to encode in any position.