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The importance of labelling in purchasing decisions

Food labels help us to maintain a healthy diet and take care of ourselves properly. Labels must include information about the ingredients used to prepare food, packaged or unpackaged, and this information can help us make a purchasing decision.

The EC is drawing up new wine labelling regulation

The European Commission is drawing up a new regulation on wine labelling in order to include information about the environmental impact on each bottle. The project is still in its pilot phase and it is yet to be decided whether it will be mandatory or voluntary.

Nutritional information on labelling: mandatory starting in 2016

Labelling must include nutritional information. From 13 December 2016, it will be mandatory to include nutritional information on food product labels. This standard, which is already being followed voluntarily by many manufacturers, will provide us with information about the energy content of a food product and the proportions of certain nutrients: fats, saturated fats, carbohydrates, sugars, proteins […]