Coding, tracing and marking laser solutions

Coding and marking on windscreen wiper cap (POM).


Markings and codes containing information such as serial or batch numbers among other data, need to be made on the plastic components used in the automotive industry. These markings must be carried out obtaining maximum contrast. These automotive parts will undergo temperature oscillations and will be in direct contact with dirt and grease, so the permanence of the marking must be one hundred percent guaranteed.

In this case,  windscreen wiper cap (POM) required high contrast marking and for this reason, the Macsa ID D5000 Green laser was chosen, which is ideal for marking on all types of plastics. The control of the power of the laser incision allows a strong contrast with high readability to be achieved without damaging the substrate in the slightest.


Laser: Macsa D-Green 
Lens: 100 x 100
Industry:  Automotive
Application type: Marking
Product: Windscreen wiper reservoir cap
Material: POM
Marking type: static
Marking time: 1,3 sc
Line speed800 mm/second

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