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Macsa ID, your passport to Industry 4.0 readiness


Industry 4.0 projects are implemented in many companies today with a common objective to integrate business processes through cloud technologies. These help implement synergy across the company. In many cases projects such as big data analytics, preventive maintenance, and remote maintenance by specialists are targeted as the first step in the process.SPA-F-20-cream-touchscreen-macsa-coding

These projects necessitate the development of products that cover the aspects of maintenance, administration capability, fault-free operation and data collection.

Product development and engineering processes in Macsa ID are oriented to produce smart equipment.

Products have the ability to communicate and are capable of producing multiple data. For example the power used in any cycle of operation and the working temperature help to determine the amount of power used to code or mark a product.

The key enablers for the data collection of our products are sensors and microcontrollers embedded within the electronics, each one monitoring specific conditions. This information can be shared in real-time or collected and shared at defined intervals.ilaserbox-macsa-industrial-marking

Going forward, everything has a digital identity and connectivity, which means you can identify, track and communicate with these specific objects.

Macsa ID has developed the Integra software to integrate its coding and marking products with other devices on the production line. This software en
ables data to be collected from all devices and this can then be used to make your lives easier, drive efficiency and help you to anticipate adverse performance.

Integra software collects data from both internal and external sources for decision making, to improve your manufacturing processes and operations, giving the capability from data flow to analytics.

Macsa’s product concept allows you to integrate equipment in the production line, to connect it with other devices and
 to central databases.

This enables you to improve performance through:


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After Market Services Director

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