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Macsa ID launches iCON2, an extremely competitive laser

iCON 2 is more compact, robust and much more easy to use than its predecesor iCON.  

What is traceability?

According to the AECOC Food Safety Committee, traceability “is the set of those pre-established and self-sufficient procedures that mean that the history, location and distribution of a product or batch of products can be tracked at any given time along the supply chain, through the use of certain tools.” Many of us have in our […]

Macsa ID, your passport to Industry 4.0 readiness

Industry 4.0 projects are implemented in many companies today with a common objective to integrate business processes through cloud technologies. These help implement synergy across the company. In many cases projects such as big data analytics, preventive maintenance, and remote maintenance by specialists are targeted as the first step in the process. These projects necessitate […]

Marking in glass bottle

Marqués de Riscal is a winery with a long tradition, innovative, pioneering and leading in the wine sector. Marqués de Riscal asked Macsa ID about the need to find a labelling system for its bottles that would make it easier to identify its production and guarantee the traceability of each one of them.

Fire door – marking message

In this application there is adouble goal: we need a marking shich hs high contrast and, at the same time, which lasts even in case of paint removal in case of fire.   The Macsa F-9050 Fiber Pulsed laser can mark a message engraving in the metal throught the paint coating.