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Coding in the fruit and vegetable sector

From the farm to the fork Nowadays, consumers seek both quality and safety in the products they buy and consume. Companies in the food and drink industry need reliable and efficient coding systems in order to guarantee the quality of their fruit and vegetable and to locate production batches quickly and accurately, in case they […]

What is traceability?

According to the AECOC Food Safety Committee, traceability “is the set of those pre-established and self-sufficient procedures that mean that the history, location and distribution of a product or batch of products can be tracked at any given time along the supply chain, through the use of certain tools.” Many of us have in our […]

Macsa ID, your passport to Industry 4.0 readiness

Industry 4.0 projects are implemented in many companies today with a common objective to integrate business processes through cloud technologies. These help implement synergy across the company. In many cases projects such as big data analytics, preventive maintenance, and remote maintenance by specialists are targeted as the first step in the process. These projects necessitate […]

Food packaging – film microperforated

Laser Macsa HPD - Food

In this application, film is microperforated to be used in the food packaging industry where – many times – fruits and vegetables need to be kept in containers which allow ventilation. Such application requires high speed but also good definition. This can be achieved with our Macsa K-1030 HPD laser which concentrates all the energy of a regular Macsa K-1030 CO2 laser […]