Five types of labelling, laser and software for food plastic trays

Five types of labelling, laser and software for food plastic trays


Casa Mas Alimentación is a company with more than 19 years of experience in the food sector. It makes an extensive selection of fresh dishes with 100% natural ingredients, homemade and unpasteurized.

Located in the heart of nature, its prodution is made following the most advanced food safety systems and offers customers pre-cooked dishes that retain all the freshness, quality and flavor. Casa Mas offers more than 40 specialties, to which must be added seasonal recipes, prepared to offer an even more complete range throughout the year.

“The collaboration between Macsa ID and Casa Mas has led to a comprehensive solution aimed at enhancing the imatge of the brand and improving the control and traceability of the finished product.”

Mr. Roger Pagès
Chief Operating Officer of Casa Mas

“At Macsa ID we have found a technological partner that provides us with comprehensive and tailor-made solutions.”

“Working together, we have developed innovative labelling solutions that allow us to trace and code our food products from the raw materials to the expedition of the finished product. Few of these solutions are pioneers in the market like the envelope labelling system which allows us to work with plastic-based labels.

In addition, Macsa ID has developed for us a control software and three labelling units with five automatic labelling systems equipped with the latest laser printing technology that allows a labelling speed of up to 50 trays per minute, thanks to which we can improve production without increasing costs or extending times.

“Macsa ID’s ability to develop, innovate and adapt to our needs has been crucial in order to expand our range of products and grow in the market.”