SPA, the First Modular Laser

SPA, Scalable Product Architecture, is the first modular laser for coding and marking, which grows with your needs.

The new SPA laser from Macsa id simplifies everything: its modular system allows you to meet your present and future needs. SPA lasers, therefore, become a more functional investment than other equipment since they can adapt, module by module, to the specific needs of your production line.

The modular system of the Macsa id SPA laser enables the equipment to be easily adapted to the needs of each production line or to every type of marking.

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  • Reliable in adverse and versatile production environments to encode over a wide range of materials.
  • Accurate since it incorporates the latest technological advances by Macsa id to always offer high quality and high resolution marking.
  • Easy to use thanks to Macsa software by Macsa id, installation guides, help videos and Macsa technical support.