Coding, tracing and marking laser solutions

‘Annealing’ on stainless steel bearing



Metal parts, such as bearings, also need to be marked for identification with their product reference, brand or lot number for later traceability. Metal requires a marking and coding that does not damage the surface and with a high marking contrast in order to read the data properly.

For this purpose, and in general for the marking of metallic materials such as stainless steel, we use a fibre laser such as the SPA F-9020, which by means of annealing – or changing the metal’s colour by increasing its temperature – we can obtain a permanent black marking of great legibility and without damaging the surface.

With this technique, we can mark the material while leaving the surface smooth and rust-free. Nonetheless, to optimise visibility of the marking it is always recommended to use a filled-in typeface.



Laser: SPA F-9020bearing-macsa-coding-marking-applicationNews
Lens: 100×100
Market: Engineering / Automotive
Application type: Marking
Product: Bearing
Material: Metals (Stainless Steel)
Line speed: Static
Marking time: 5 seconds

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