Coding, tracing and marking laser solutions

Laser marking directly on vegetable skin

Fruit and vegetable traceability is indispensable to properly track and verify every step of the distribution of produce and identify their origin if necessary. Laser marking directly on vegetable skins is increasingly common among producers, as it leads to savings in primary packaging and represents a sustainable coding system by not using consumables or materials that alter the environment’s sustainability. The origin of the ‘natural mark’ concept (direct marking on the product) has arisen due to the interest in returning to the sale of products in bulk or by units. In addition, this technique allows the effect of an innovative packaging to be achieved that can be unique for each product.

With the Macsa id SPA CB 30 HPD a high definition and legible marking is obtained, even if the product’s skin is not smooth. The whitish marking on the green of the vegetable is achieved by applying 100% power and at a cadence rate appropriate to the marking lines of this type of product.

Laser: SPA CB 30 HPD
Lens: 100 x 100
Industry: Food
Application type: Coding
Product: Dutch cucumber
Material: Cucumber skin
Marking type: Dynamic
Marking time: 1,3 sc
Line speed: 800 mm/sc

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