Laser coding on metal lids.

Laser coding on metal lids.


On the food and drink industry, metal lids guarantee the hermetic seal required by many products. There are different types: special lids for pasteurized products, with protection, with a sterilization button, and of different diameters and colours. However, all of them need to be manufactured to withstand aging and a high level of corrosion and oxidation.

With the SPA 10 laser by Macsa ID, we obtain good results of definition and contrast, even on black caps. This CO2 laser guarantees optimal, clear marking on coloured backgrounds, offering high contrast and visibility. Furthermore, thanks to the characteristics of CO2 technology, the metal is not damaged and the properties of the lid are kept intact. With the 10W SPA, for messages similar to the ones of this application, a speed of 29m/min can be reached with a separation between markings of 100mm.

Laser: SPA 10w
Lens: 100 x 100
Industry: Food and drink
Application Type: Coding
Product: Painted metallic lid
Material: Painted metal
Marking type: Dynamic
Line speed: 29 m/min.