Urzante: Marking, coding and traceability in the food sector

31 Jan, 2024

Discover this Macsa id case study on packaging marking and coding in the food industry.


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  1. Introduction and history of Urzante
  2. The challenge
  3. Macsa id’s solution
  4. A success video


1. Introduction and history of Urzante

Urzante is a family business founded in 1950 in the valley of the River Ebro, in Navarre. It started out in the olive oil trade, and for more than 70 years has maintained its commitment to the highest quality, tradition and respect for the land. 

In 1985, the brand was officially established and successfully expanded to more than 60 countries. During the 1990s and 2000s, the company invested heavily in technology and obtained ISO 9001, BRC and IFS certification, highlighting its focus on quality and food safety.

In 2008, they inaugurated the Trujal Almazara de Tudela oil press and became part of the Aceite de Navarra Protected Designation of Origin. The company also excelled in sustainability, installing solar roofing at its facilities.

Over the years, Urzante has received several awards. Following decades of effort and dedication, during which their achievements had always remained in-house, public recognition came with the Aster Esic “Business Track Record” Award. Meanwhile, their commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in such international awards as the Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. Recently, in 2022, their product Sir Koroneiki was awarded the bronze medal at the AIOCC International Olive Oil Competition in Amsterdam.

Urzante has faced challenges such as crises and pandemics, but has overcome obstacles thanks to the trust of its customers. The company remains committed to the future, supporting the land, traditions, and working to build a future that increasingly belongs to present.


urzante olivas 1

Bottle of olive oil from Aceites Urzante


2. The challenge

Aceites Urzante faced a crucial challenge in its national and international distribution. Ranking third in the marketing of olive oils and fifth in seed oils, mainly sunflower, logistics management represented a major issue.

The solution came from Macsa id, whose efficient marking not only overcame distribution obstacles, but also optimally integrated the management network for all the products manufactured, packaged and marketed by Aceites Urzante. This marking not only facilitated integrated management at the company, but also ensured compliance with specific labelling regulations in all countries where they distribute their products. 

With the help of Macsa id, Aceites Urzante has successfully marketed its oils in a wide variety of countries and languages, achieving a global presence. This successful collaboration served to consolidate its position in the industry, demonstrating the effectiveness of Macsa id’s holistic approach to solving key business challenges.

Software Integra 1

Integra Software

3. Macsa id’s solution

Macsa id’s comprehensive solution for Urzante includes the Integra Software, a modular application for the control, management and optimisation of the production line. Thanks to this technology, Urzante can control, manage and optimise its production line anywhere, and from anywhere.


The different software modules of the Macsa id Integra suite are:

  • Integra Connect: Connection software to integrate different items of equipment.
  • Integra Efficiency: A monitoring system for efficiency management and line optimisation, for automated collection and analysis of production data, and visualisation of all parameters.
  • Integra Warehouse: This allows the management of both raw material and finished product warehouses. The system ensures efficient control of all processes generated in the warehouse.
  • Integra Vision: A solution for inspection and identification of product integrity on the production line. This software also ensures the accuracy of the labelling, checking that the texts and codes are correct, and fulfilling traceability requirements.
  • Integra Track & Trace: Allowing the origin of raw materials and the destination of final products to be recorded. It also complies with traceability regulations by recording production process from start to finish.
  • Integra Optima: By centralising the entire coding and marking process at one single point, this drastically reduces the number of interventions, and hence the resulting possibility of human error.
  • Integra Serialisation: This provides each product with a unique serial number, allowing it to be authenticated at one or more points in the supply chain, thus complying with the FMD Directive (Directive 2011/62/EU3).
  • Integranet 4.0: Monitoring services, predictive maintenance, remote assistance and production support solution.


The entire Macsa id Integra system at the Urzante facilities is linked to Microsoft Dynamics Nav. This is management or ERP software which facilitates the handling of different administrative tasks within the plant. The software allows the integration of processes from different departments, such as accounting, inventory management, purchasing, etc. All thanks to and via the Integra Connect solution.

Aside from the connection with Microsoft Dynamics Nav, it has its own linking tools or uses those of the main ERPs based on text files (TXT/CSV) and optionally the native tools of the main ERPs (SAP, ORACLE, SAGE…), adapting to all types of label design programs.

Urzante uses its ERP to control 5 production lines, where both boxes and pallets are labelled by Macsa id’s P&A:

  • Lineal idBlocks 4020/6020: An industrial labelling machine with a linear pneumatic cylinder that can approach and apply the label to surfaces of different lengths. The idBlocks 4020 / 6020 Linear is designed with a high-power blower system to ensure effective label application. Labelling is very important in both primary and secondary packaging, to ensure product traceability and logistics. The linear system also allows labelling on different parts of the product, such as the top, the front or the side.

2idblocks1 6 1

Lineal idBlocks 4020/6020 industrial labeller at the Aceites Urzante plant

A comprehensive solution from Macsa for the full satisfaction of our client.

4. A success video

To illustrate the success that Urzante obtained with the help of Macsa id, please watch the following video we have prepared which shows how this collaboration completely transformed Urzante operations.


Urzante, a Macsa id success story in the food sector


Our advanced marking methods allow a perfect integration in the production or packaging lines of our customers. Savings in time and costs, improved productivity, greater efficiency, greater reliability and greater technological capacity are just some of the competitive advantages that are obtained as a result of this integration and which, in this case, Macsa id can offer to leading brands such as Urzante.


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