5 benefits of laser marking that will convince you

2 Mar, 2016

Companies that need to mark their products face many challenges in terms of achieving high-quality coding. And traditional marking systems do not always provide the optimal result we are looking for. Laser marking, on the other hand, stands out from other systems because of its reliability and precision.

Due to its adaptability and printing quality, laser marking has been able to meet the challenges of innovative materials and new product designs. And if we add this to the fact that it is a clean, adaptable and easy-to-use system, using laser marking for your company’s coding needs would appear to be an easy choice.

However, if you are still not convinced, let us summarize the benefits of lasers compared to other systems in 5 key points.

  1. High-quality marking. New designs and materials complicate the legibility and the contrast of the codings that appear on them. As the laser perforates the material slightly (without compromising its seal), it ensures that the information stands out and can be read correctly. Moreover, thanks to the laser management software (in Macsa’s case, it is the MARCA program), you can adapt the marking design to your packaging, improving the perception of product quality.
  2. Permanent marking on a wide range of materials. Laser markings remain on the product even if it gets wet or crumpled, which ensures your brand image in terms of consumers and is crucial for markings with traceability information.
  3. They do not use consumables. Lasers do away with the high maintenance costs of ink coding systems. Moreover, because the system does not use consumables, it results in a cleaner work environment, perfect for companies that require an atmosphere free of any contamination.
  4. Marking in difficult production environments. Moisture, temperature, dust… Unlike other marking systems, lasers can produce optimum quality coding in complicated production environments.
  5. Increase the productivity of your production line. Lasers will increase your productivity as they require minimum maintenance and considerably reduce the need for operator intervention. Coding will not stop your production.

Laser marking is an option to consider for your production line. Choosing the correct system is important, which is why you should seek advice from a proven partner such as Macsa ID.

At Macsa ID we will help you choose the laser that best suits your needs and those of your production line, enabling you to obtain quality laser marking in line with factors such as the material, the speed of your production line and the information to be included on the marking.

For more information, please contact us at  +34 93 873 87 98 or by mail at macsa@macsa.com