Service Repair

Assistance in your facilities, because your equipment is our priority.

With this service we offer assistance with one of the Macsa ID technicians to carry out any type of work which is needed.

Thanks to the experience and our network of technicians distributed throughout the national and international territory, we offer a local, fast and efficient service. After each job has been carried out, we put the focus on prevention, explaining the origin of the problem and providing the necessary information to the clients to avoid the issue happening again in the future. In this way, the line stoppage time is minimised, hereby maximising line productivity.

Macsa ID Workshop Service

Repair, quality control and dispatch, in the shortest time.

In the event of a breakdown that cannot be repaired on-site, the damaged equipment can be sent to the central facilities of Macsa id, where the workshop service is responsible for repairing and verifying the equipment, placing emphasis on the reliability and speed of the service, reducing the costs of assistance in plant.

Once the equipment is repaired, it undergoes an exhaustive quality control to verify its optimal operating conditions. This protocol allows your equipment to be integrated back into your production line ensuring its reliability and operation.

Replacement Equipment


Avoid extended line stops without the need to purchase backup equipment.

Through this service, replacement equipment will be temporarily installed during the repair period of the replaced equipment. Once repaired, the equipment will be installed again in the client’s premises.

This service allows prolonged line stops to be avoided, without the need to purchase spare equipment, with the benefit of investment savings and production costs.

Check availability according to the type of equipment.