Laser marking on cardboard jewellery boxes

Laser marking on cardboard jewellery boxes



In the world of jewellery, packaging serves as more than just a functional enclosure; it is an essential aspect of the customer’s journey, conveying the inherent value of the jewellery and contributing to their overall experience. The careful presentation of a jewel through packaging not only highlights its beauty, but also reflects the brand and its commitment to quality.

Laser technology emerges as an innovative solution capable of fulfilling both aesthetic and functional demands in packaging design. From an aesthetic perspective, lasers allow for precise and intricate engraving on various materials, imparting a unique and sophisticated touch to the packaging of items like jewellery or premium perfumes.

At the same time, laser technology proves to be an effective solution to guarantee the authenticity and traceability of products through the application of unique codes.


In today’s Application News a cardboard jewellery box coated with paint has been marked with a CO2 laser. These lasers emit a beam of infrared light that is absorbed by the cardboard. When the laser energy hits the surface of the material, it causes localised heating. The ablation process removes the paint, leaving the cardboard’s colour on the surface and creating a distinctive, contrasting mark.

This results in a permanent mark on the carton featuring specific details, making this technology ideal for simple applications such as coding, or more complex markings such as logos, images or decorative elements commonly found in perfumery or jewellery packaging, where precision and aesthetic quality are paramount. In addition, the speed and versatility of CO2 laser technology makes it an efficient choice for carton marking in industrial and production environments.


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