Laser Marking on Fruit

Laser Marking on Fruit



Marking on fruit is essential to ensure product traceability, detect incidents, and identify the product’s origin data. Identification is normally carried out by sticking adhesive labels directly onto the fruit or its packaging, with the risk of the labels becoming unstuck or unreadable before they even reach the consumer’s home.

However, with society and businesses becoming increasingly focused on sustainability, the most recommended system for this type of application is undoubtedly laser technology. Known in the industry as the “natural mark”, the philosophy of this new direct product coding originates from consumers’ interest in returning to bulk or unit-based products, aiming at minimizing packaging while preserving the environment.


In this case, we have utilised laser technology to mark fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, pears, and apples. This is a permanent marking process that doesn’t affect the fruit’s properties or pose any harm to the consumer’s health. The laser removes a micrometric layer from the fruit’s skin, achieving high-quality visibility and legibility in the marking, while leaving the edible part of the fruit intact.

marcaje láser en frutas


Additionally, laser technology enables us to mark very thin organic material, such as pear, apple, and cucumber skin, with high-definition markings. You can mark the data that best suits your needs, such as the expiry date, batch number, text, logos, or images. This not only enhances traceability but also creates a more sustainable brand image, which is environmentally friendly and respects people’s health.

laser marking on fruit



Laser:                                  SPA2  laser by Macsa

Market:                               Food – Fruit

Material:                            Organic skin

Product:                             Natural fruit

Application type:                  Marking on fruit


codificación laser limones

Are you looking to delve deeper into the numerous benefits and applications of laser marking technology when it comes to fruit, including its potential impact on quality control, traceability, branding, and environmental sustainability?

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