Laser marking on plastic for plumbing

Laser marking on plastic for plumbing


ABMARK laser equipment is used to encode and mark products of a wide variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastics (PET, PVC, HDPE), glass, metals and wood. The messages and graphics that are achieved are of high quality, at a minimum operating cost and at high speeds.
Application News regularly provides a sample of products that are encoded and labelled with ABMARK lasers, every day and worldwide.


Laser marking on plastic for plumbing

Plumbing and sanitation systems are an essential part of our daily lives. Having efficient sanitary facilities is also essential to help the environment.

The marked part is a polymer that contains fibre to increase its rigidity and mechanical properties. When marking with the DPSS technology laser, the light beam only affects the material superficially, generating a colour change without burning or damaging the product.

Macsa id laser equipment is capable of marking dynamic circular texts which are high quality contrast or multiple pieces at the same time in static industrial processes, integrating the laser in a Macsa id workstation. This type of static marking is suitable for parts that require a short production series or very precise and accurate markings.

Technical Data

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