Laser Marking on Polycarbonate

Laser Marking on Polycarbonate



In the hydraulic sector, all types of meters and measuring devices, whether they are smart or traditional, require essential information on their top cover. This information is crucial for obtaining approval for use in drinking water systems, and it must be both legible and wear-resistant to ensure user safety. Laser marking on polycarbonate guarantees internal and external traceability in a sustainable way.


In today’s Application News, we highlight the use of transparent polycarbonate in the watchmaking industry. The marking process was carried out on both sides simultaneously, using our advanced 3D laser technology. This approach allowed for the creation of two focal distance positions: one for top-side marking and another for side marking.

Laser equipment has proven to be an efficient solution, not only ensuring the durability of the marking while eliminating the need for inks or labels on the devices but also offering ease of installation on any production line, providing unparalleled versatility. This means that text changes can be made without interrupting the production process, and the system can be adapted to suit various models of meters and counters



Laser:                                              SPA 2 by Macsa

Market:                                           Construction materials

Material:                                        Polycarbonate

Product:                                 Water meters 

Application type:                     Marking


marcaje láser policarbonato Laser Marking on Polycarbonate

marcaje láser policarbonato Laser Marking on Polycarbonate

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