Laser marking on PVC radiation rings

Laser marking on PVC radiation rings



PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a versatile plastic material extensively employed in various healthcare applications, due to its durable properties, resistance to chemicals, and ease of processing. In the healthcare sector, particularly in the utilization of medical devices like radiation rings, the imperative need for traceability has arisen to guarantee safety and precise monitoring of radiation exposure in clinical settings.

In addressing this requirement, laser technology emerges as an optimal solution, contributing to the establishment of a  a unique and durable identification system that facilitates individual tracking and traceability over time.


In today’s application news, UV laser technology has been chosen to mark radiation rings made of PVC. The utilization of UV radiation ensures minimal thermal impact during the marking process, thereby preventing deformation or structural damage to the material.


Laser marking on PVC radiation rings


Noteworthy for its exceptional marking quality, UV technology ensures unparalleled accuracy, ensuring sustained legibility over time for a diverse range of markings, including datamatrix, QR codes, alphanumeric, and others.



  • Laser:                                       SPA 2 UV 

  • Market:                                    Medical devices

  • Material:                                  PVC

  • Product:                                   Radiation rings

  • Application type:                 Marking


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