Traceability in automotive parts

Traceability in automotive parts


Traceability in automotive parts is a key feature of this industry. In an environment where production efficiency is a strategic competition, and where the production rate is very high, a good traceability system is essential to compete in the market.

Traceability in automotive partsTraceability in automotive parts

On the other hand, the need in this sector to produce parts at a high rate implies very demanding time requirements per part or the possibility of marking several parts at the same time to reduce the time to position parts.

In order to mark four large pieces in a single position, a 560×560 mm field lens is used for the current application. Using such a wide field lens implies a working distance of 970mm, as well as a decrease in energy density.



To compensate for this decrease in energy density and to be able to mark a 10×10 mm data matrix code within the established time, an F-9030 DUO device is used. The result is a code of high contrast and definition despite using such a long lens with an immediate reading, which is key in the industry to ensure  manufacturing with a goal of zero defects and high production rates.


Traceability in automotive parts

Technical Data

  • Laser: F-9030 DUO
  • Lens: 560x560mm
  • Market:  Automotive
  • Application Type: Coding
  • Product: Engine Part
  • Material:  Aluminium Alloy
  • Marking Type: Static
  • Marking Time: 5 seconds


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