Laser marking of FFP2 surgical masks

Laser marking of FFP2 surgical masks


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a radical change in society and the way in which we live our lives. One of these changes involves the use of masks to prevent the spread of the virus.

Surgical masks are made of technical fabrics that allow perspiration while effectively filtering certain particles. Although these fabrics are normally marked with ink equipment, it is also possible to mark them with laser equipment from the DPSS range and low wavelength such as green (532 nm) and UV (355 nm).

In this case, we used Macsa D-5005 Green equipment to dynamically mark masks at a speed of 5 m / min. The good reaction between the wavelength and the fabric allows the marking of the logo and all the mandatory references and regulations with high contrast and high definition results.

The use of laser equipment for the marking of masks is very advantageous compared to ink because there is no deposition of material on the fabric that could affect its effectiveness while ensuring a sustainable and non-polluting coding.

Marking FFP2 surgical masks

Technical Data

  • Laser: D-5005 Green
  • Lens: 100x100mm
  • Market: Medical Devices
  • Application Type: Marking
  • Product: Surgical mask
  • Material: Textile
  • Type of marking: Dynamic
  • Line speed: 5 m / min.

laser marking ffp2 mask 03 laser dpss 02


laser marking ffp2 mask 03 laser dpss

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