Improve your company coding and marking while reducing the impact in the environment.

Improve your company coding and marking while reducing the impact in the environment.


Our goal in the next coming years is to make sustainability a key part of our business strategy, to embed it in our business and thereby to create value.
 Macsa ID will embed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in its business by delivering sustainable products and services and by reducing its environmental impact and by managing its operations with regard to the aspirations of all of its stakeholders.

The area in CSR that is priority for Macsa ID:

Consumers today expect and demand new environmental and social values from companies and brands. The Havas Worldwide Report, March 2015, indicates that 75% of consumers think that companies have an ethical obligation to operate in a way that does not harm the environment and 53% of consumers avoid buying from companies that have a negative social environmental impact. Macsa ID strives to offer the best solutions in laser, coding and engraving whilst still fulfilling these consumer expectations:

• Macsa ID lasers for coding and marking are based on the latest and best technology and are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. Macsa ID coding and marking lasers do not use consumables such as ink or solvents and they do not generate fumes or toxic chemical emissions.

• Lasertex systems, as used in the textile industry, guarantee the reduction of the use of water and abrasive and chemical products. Laser textile finishing technology is sustainable and efficient. It enables more efficient production methods which reduce, on average, water consumption by over 60% and consequently have minimal environmental impact.

• Macsa ID lasers are energy efficient. They consume less power during the marking process than competitors’ lasers. Macsa ID’s technology enables its lasers to deliver the same quality and speed but to use less energy.