Complex message laser coding on cardboard packaging

Complex message laser coding on cardboard packaging


The pharmaceutical sector needs reliable equipment for coding carton boxes which will contain medicines in order to comply with the legal requirements of traceability, following the GS1 standard for pharma products.

This laser is suitable for those applications where is needed a white contrast (cleaning pass effect) on a painted area.

The K-1080 UHS laser meets the needs of complex message coding (4 lines of text + Datamatrix code) on high-speed lines. They are powerful equipment and capable to do a quick scan thanks to its 75×75 lens that allow a greater concentration of energy during the coding process, which it means higher contrast and better definition.

Technical Information

  • Laser: K-1080 UHS
  • Lens: 75 x 75
  • Market: Pharma
  • Type of application: coding
  • Product: Medicine box
  • Material: Painted carton
  • Line speed: Up to 30m/min > 350 ppm