Laser marking of 2D QR code on aluminum valves

Laser marking of 2D QR code on aluminum valves


There are many reasons why the products are coded, thanks to Macsa ID laser equipment, almost all substrates may be marked with guarantees of permanence and contrast.

This is the case of aluminum valves. A 2D Datamatrix code marking was performed on them to control traceability.

The marking was performed using a Macsa F-9020 Pulsed laser, with its 20 watts of power allows you to obtain excellent definition, contrast and 2D code reading. This type of laser is recommended as it allows coding either marking directly on the material (engraving or etching) or by changing color to generate contrast (annealing).

Technical Information

  • Laser: F-9020 Pulsed
  • Lens: 100 x 100
  • Market: Industrial
  • Type of application: Marcaje
  • Product: Valve
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Production line speed: Static
  • Marking time: 3 seconds