Laser marking on concrete

Laser marking on concrete


The main function of concrete sleepers is to maintain the stability of the tracks when faced with the static stress caused by the train’s own weight and variations in temperature. Thanks to its lower cost and strength, wood sleepers have been replaced by concrete ones, but is a laser capable of marking a concrete block?

The answer is yes. With the Series F range of industrial lasers by Macsa ID, we can obtain a deep mark, which favours both the contrast and the visibility of the text.

In spite of the resistance of the material, enduring and resistant to erosion marking is obtained. The power and exposure time of the laser beam confer a depth that generates a permanent mark on the material.

Technical Information

  • Laser: Pulsed F9000 
  • Lens: 100 x 100
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Application type: Marking
  • Product: Concrete sleeper (railway track).
  • Material: Concrete
  • Marking type: Static
  • Marking time:  27 m/min.
Laser marking on concrete