Marking a data matrix on aluminum

Marking a data matrix on aluminum


In the automotive industry many different component manufacturers are involved to deliver the parts needed for final assembly. The productivity demands of the automotive sector necessitate coding and marking systems that enable the identification, control and traceability of all components at every stage of production.

The Macsa Nano D-6006 laser is a DPSS laser that has been used in this case for a marking an 8×8 mm data matrix containing 33 alphanumeric characters on plastic automotive components.

This laser produces a high contrast mark that can be read reliably by an automated code reader. Thanks to its compact design the laser is integrated in a small iLaserBox.

Laser: Macsa NANO D-6066
Lens: 100X100
Market: Automotive
Type of Application: Coding and traceability
Product: Control Unit Box
Material:  Aluminum
Production Line Speed: Static
Marking Time:  2 seconds