Marking and coding in water bottles (PET)

Marking and coding in water bottles (PET)


PET is the most commonly used material in the beverage industry. It is a synthetic material belonging to the group of polyesters which have the characteristic that the faster they cool, the more transparent they become.

When marking water bottles, it is essential that the substrate is not damaged and that no grooves are created with the coding. The SPA CP 30 of Macsa IDwith a wavelength of 9.3 microns, allows a foaming reaction to be generated between the laser and the plastic, meaning that the bottle is kept free from damage and the marking obtained is white and of high contrast.

Technical Information

The SPA CP 30 laser achieves high visibility markings even on high-speed lines such as those found in the beverage industry.

  • Laser: SPA CP 30
  • Lens: 60 x 60 mm
  • Industry:  Beverages
  • Application type: Coding
  • Product: Water bottle
  • Material: PET
  • Marking type: dynamic
  • Marking time: 0,12 sec
  • Line speed:30 m/min.