Marking on an oil bottle (PET)

Marking on an oil bottle (PET)


PET containers are the most frequently used ones in the industry thanks to their resistance, flexibility and its ease of molding. In this case, a QR code + 1 line of text (Macsa’s website) were marked on an oil bottle (PET). The difficulty of this type of marking is to ensure that the coding is visible and readable on the transparent plastic and on a material that can easily become greasy during the production chain process.

The marking visibility is high because the marking obtained is white on the transparent plastic and on the background, which is yellow in this case. With the appropriate power of the laser (30W), a QR code mark is produced which is perfectly readable with any mobile application.

The CO2 laser system with a 9.3 micron wave length makes a foaming reaction which is characterised by obtaining a white contrast on the transparent plastic (PET) with impressive visibility. It also does not create a groove and therefore the thickness of the bottle is not affected, critical point when the content is carbonated drink. Laser SPA C 30 by Macsa ID guarantees reliable high-speed marking due to the fact that it works with a combination of laser guidance systems with extremely fast mirrors.

Technical Information

  • Laser: SPA C 30
  • Lens: 100×100
  • Market: Food and drink industry
  • Type of application: Coding
  • Product: bottle
  • Material: PET
  • Line speed: dynamic
  • Marking time: 12m / min
Marking on an oil bottle (PET)