Painted steel marking with DPSS laser

Painted steel marking with DPSS laser


Marking and coding generally indicate the serial number, the batch number, the expiry date and so on, but this time we are going to focus on when a warning message needs to be added, and specifically the marking of a safety logo.

By means of an ‘etching’ system (vacuum engraving mode) and the use of the correct typeface, a permanent mark can be achieved. In this process, the surface is not damaged and visibility is increased thanks to the sharp contrast of the white mark on a black surface.

To mark the shock absorber in this case, a DPSS laser system was used, namely the Nano D-6006, a compact device, integrated in a workstation, iLaserbox 450. The precision of the laser means that a good contrast can be made of the white mark on the materials painted black.

Technical Information

  • Laser: Nano D6006
  • Lens: 100×100
  • Market: Automotive industry
  • Type of application: Marking
  • Product: Shock absorber
  • Material: Painted steel
  • Speed line: Static
  • Marking time: 2.5 seconds