Pulsed CO2 laser marking on rubber shoe sole

Pulsed CO2 laser marking on rubber shoe sole


The S-3100 HPD by Macsa is a CO2 laser with which is possible to obtain excellent results in marking rubber soles for shoes.

Combining a big lens area and the power of the Macsa S-3100 HPD laser ensure an optimal energy focus at each point of the marking area, achieving the desired result in short time cycles.

In addition, thanks to the possibility to import DXF files with the software Marca, the design possibilities for the shoe sole customization are greatly expanded.

Technical Information

  • Laser: S-3100 HPD
  • Lens: 250 x 250
  • Market: Textile
  • Type of application: Marking
  • Product: Shoes
  • Material: Shoe sole
  • Marking time: 19 seconds