Pulsed fiber laser for marking on aluminum cans

Pulsed fiber laser for marking on aluminum cans


Beverage companies require a fast and reliable coding system to mark aluminum cans with 2D QR codes.

In aluminum cans, the marking quality is extremely important because this code must be read by smartphone applications. The F-9050 UHS PULSED laser adapts to beverage high-speed production lines and guarantees high definition, contrast and the legibility of the code.

To do this type of marking we recommend pulsed fiber equipment because it allows obtaining a stark contrast on materials such as aluminum. In addition, since it deals with beverage, it is necessary a UHS (Ultra High Speed) laser system to reach such a high speed of this type of production line.

Technical information

  • Laser: F-9050 UHS Pulsed
  • Lens: 100 x 100
  • Market: Beverage
  • Type of application: Coding
  • Product: Cans
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Production line speed: Over 50m/m
  • Marking time: 0,05 seconds