Barre Brauerei – Metallized labels

Barre Brauerei – Metallized labels


The K-1060Plus SHS Split was installed on a KHS Labeler to mark metallized labels.

Both the control box and the laser tube are installed on the plant. Over an approximately 1 meter long tube of the marking head is installed in front of the bottle plate.

A stainless steel housing was mounted around the beam guide tube and the print head, due to the humid environment.

Similarly, a lens holder made of stainless steel has been installed. With these measures, a perfectly good function of the K-1060 is guaranteed. It is operated via an IP Touch terminal. The labels are marked directly on the bottle. Previously there was a Alltec mask laser installed 100Watt.

  • CLIENT: BARRE BRAUEREI Lübbecke Alemania
  • COUNTRY: Germany
  • INDUSTRY: Beverage
  • SUBSTRATE: Metallized labels
  • LASER SOLD: K-1060Plus SHS Splithead.
  • LENS FOCAL LENGHT AND SIZE OF MESSAGE:  75×75 mm. 2 lines of Text

                  line 1: 7 Characters, Date code “MM.YYYY” 4 mm height

                  line 2: 5 Characters, Lot number “X XXXX” 2 mm height

  • LINE SPEED:105 m/min
  • DYNAMIC OR STATIC APPLICATION: Tagson bottles K-1060Plus SHS Split

               Lents 75×75 mm, 105 m/min 50000 pcs/h

  • COMPETITORS PRESENT:  Videojet/Alltec