Chäs Vrneli – Plastic cup made of poly styrene (PS)

Chäs Vrneli – Plastic cup made of poly styrene (PS)


This application required replacing the stamping system to mark on plastic cup in a filling machine (butter-worth) with variable consumer information with a system which is clean, easy and fast to handle in the production.

• Marking area approx. 40 mm x 35 m

• Speed up to 30 steps a minute

• 2 or 4 lines of text, easy handling

After a demo the customer was changing the preprinted layout of the cover in the way to have a green background for the laser marking.

The difficulties were that with the standard font we got wholes in certain characters like the „8“ and others. Without a vacuum system we have a lot of dust coming from the green printed back surface going into to the plexi-glass protection, “damaging” the lens. The iCON unit is perfectly made for being integrated into packaging machines.

Electronic ready – end of marking signals are missing.

The result is a big improvement of the product marking, the customer is very happy for this clean (ink less), affordable and professional looking marking result.

  • COUNTRY: Switzerland
  • INDUSTRIES: Food / Dairy products
  • PACKAGING MATERIAL: Plastic cup made of poly styrene (PS)
  • LASER UNIT INSTALLED: 1 ICON 10 Watt, Standard lens
  • TIME FOR PRINTING: 0.3 sec.
  • STATIC APPLICATION:Up to 4 lines of text approx. 10 characters 30 – 40 units / Min.
  • REMARKS: Interesting application to replace old style of flexo printing application (see picture), especially used in cup filling machines for different dairy products.