Coding medicine carton boxes

Coding medicine carton boxes


Laboratorios Esteve is an international pharmaceutical chemical group that focuses its efforts on innovation and excellence in the health field.

Founded in 1929 by Dr. Antoni Esteve i Subirana, it has established itself as a leading business group in the health field through its activity in two major areas: medicines and the active principles or fine pharmaceutical chemistry.

From the Martorelles plant in Barcelona, where the pharmaceutical manufacturing operations are carried out, they required a machine to code the medicines’ boxes: cardboard boxes with a layer of paint neither plastic coatings or special protections . In each case, according to current IMF regulations, a 2D identification code and four lines of text should be performed at a speed of 400 cases per minute and providing at the same time a high-resolution mark.pharma macsa laser

This coding system had to be integrated into an blister packaging machine of the production plant, as well as communicating over Ethernet with the other Macsa ID machines that ESTEVE already had in its plant: three “K-1060 PLUS” lasers.

Among the different alternatives that Macsa ID could offer to solve its need, ESTEVE decided to integrate a different laser concept into its production lines: the F-9050 Ultra High Speed (UHS) film, a FIBER machine with a power from 20 to 50w with high speed scanners and mirrors engines, that can perform high quality markings even working at very high speed.


Thanks to the fiber laser choice, ESTEVE has achieved a remarkable improvement in different aspects. Not only has it tripled the resolution and speed of its coding with respect to the old CO2 laser marking, but it has also increased the quality and safety of its products, since the new fiber system does not deteriorate the surface of the material.

The integration of the Macsa ID equipment into the ESTEVE Laboratories production line has been perfect, since the equipment head is airtight and small, making it easy to integrate in any type of conditions.

With this investment, ESTEVE Laboratories have achieved satisfactory results and a remarkable improvement in coding their products, thus improving the services offered as a leading chemical group in the sector. For this reason, ESTEVE Laboratories is currently planning to install another project in other production line as described above.