Labelling on paint cans

Labelling on paint cans


OLIVER + BATLLE is a family-run business with worldwide presence which develops production machines and turnkey plants for the Paints, Inks and Adhesives Industry.

With a total area of 14,000 m2 and an employee workforce of 110 people in its headquarters in Badalona, Spain, OLIVER + BATLLE operates in 4 business areas: shaking, milling, packaging and project engineering, for the full range of medium and high viscosity products manufactured by its customers.

The Macsa ID’s purpose in this project was labelling paint cans with different label formats:

  • Labelling System integration in a production line with a maximum cadence of 40 units per minute depending on the container size.Labelling on paint cans
  • Automatic adjustment system that can label containers of different diameters without manual setting.
  • Labelling cylindrical and conical cans.
  • Automatic positioning system of the container by laser detector.
  • Handle positioning system.
  • Automatic containters dosage and separator.
  • Integration with transport systems.
  • Communication with the machine by Ethernet.

The labelling system is semi-automated and controlled by a touch screen and a software that allows you to memorize the settings for each packaging format.

This is a highly reliable solution designed to work in harsh environments and it is designed to require minimal maintenance. It is a modular machine capable to adapt according the number of labels per package and the required production rate.

Main advantages

Labelling on paint cans

· Fully automated paint cans labelling at high speed. This reduces the workforce needed and ensures the correct label placement.

· Printing and application of labels in semireal. Manual and logistic printing processes are avoided thus reducing stocks and errors.

· Labelling of different diameters and packaging formats, including conical and handle canisters. This offers versatility of production and use of the line.

· Dosing system and automatic positioning of the can regardless of its diameter. Quick and non-tweaking formatting changes.