Tip Top Bakeries – Plastic Tag, 7 colours

Tip Top Bakeries – Plastic Tag, 7 colours


Thermal Coding has had 12 years experience on thermal tag coding and this experience and understanding of the process was the main reason that we eventually received the order.

We designed a laser coding unit that was capable of:

  • Reliable coding on the tag. Operator friendly handling system for the tag that holds and guides it through a fully enclosed class 1 coding system.
  • Dust resistant System. We have designed a fully enclosed system that utilises the air outlet on the Bofa. Extractor to pass 100% recyclable air around the laser and control panel, giving the system a completely dust free rating in a high dust environment.
  • Touch Screen with exclusive Kwiklok tag specific Operator interface. The Thermal Coding designed interface gives the operator full flexibility on the production line to carry out any adjustments required to move and change the code without having to stop the production line. We have also put together an operator manual for the touch screen which you may find useful to show the other distributors, the ease of use for the operator.

We designed the trolley to incorporate the control panel and extractor which also includes the recycling of the air from the extractor back into the laser and control panel.

  • CLIENT:  TIP TOP BAKERIES NZ (George Weston Foods) Australia www.tiptop.com.au
  • COUNTRY:  Australia
  • INDUSTRIES:  Food (Bakery)
  • PACKAGING MATERIAL: Plastic Tag, 7 colours. 1 for each day of the week
  • LASER SOLD: F9010. Installed 2 of 8 for Tip Top with a further 25 units quoted for Goodman Fielder (competitor Bakery in NZ)
  • LENS FOCAL LENGHT AND SIZE OF MESSAGE: 60 mm lens, 5 lines of print with 27 mixed sized characters, 2 – 5 mm high.
  • LINE SPEED: Up to 70 Tags a minute with a printing time of 600 ms.
  • DYNAMIC OR STATIC APPLICATION: The tags indent down onto the bag and we laser code the tag between movement in the static mode.