Macsa ID launches idTIJ small character thermal inkjet printing solution.


Further reinforcing its unrivaled position at the forefront of high-performance coding and marking solutions, Macsa ID has launched its first ever small character thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer. With the Barcelona-based company’s well proven, proprietary marking software and intuitive, user-friendly design, the new idTIJ is particularly suited to high resolution, high-speed printing applications in the food, pharmaceutical, personal care and beverage industries.

Macsa’s exciting new idTIJ printer boasts a series of key features which combine to make it one of the best TIJ options on the market. The machine’s innovative design also ensures flexible and easy integration into existing production lines with maximum uptime.

Coding in the fruit and vegetable sector

From the farm to the fork

Nowadays, consumers seek both quality and safety in the products they buy and consume. Companies in the food and drink industry need reliable and efficient coding systems in order to guarantee the quality of their fruit and vegetable and to locate production batches quickly and accurately, in case they need to be removed urgently from circulation.

Such coding systems have been developed to control the traceability of food products from the farm to the table, or as it is known commonly in the sector, “From the farm to the fork”.

The objective is to maintain an exhaustive control of all the products from their origin to their point of distribution. This control starts on the farm for agricultural products (both animals and fruit and vegetables), passes through the food processing industries, ends in the shops where they are distributed to the consumers, and includes all the agents that intervene in their transport and logistics.

Laser coding on metal lids.


In the food and drink industry, metal lids guarantee the hermetic seal required by many products. There are different types: special lids for pasteurized products, with protection, with a sterilization button, and of different diameters and colours. However, all of them need to be manufactured to withstand aging and a high level of corrosion and oxidation.

With the SPA 10 laser by Macsa ID, we obtain good results of definition and contrast, even on black caps. This CO2 laser guarantees optimal, clear marking on coloured backgrounds, offering high contrast and visibility. Furthermore, thanks to the characteristics of CO2 technology, the metal is not damaged and the properties of the lid are kept intact. With the 10W SPA, for messages similar to the ones of this application, a speed of 29m/min can be reached with a separation between markings of 100mm.

Laser marking on concrete

industrial marking laser Macsa


The main function of concrete sleepers is to maintain the stability of the tracks when faced with the static stress caused by the train’s own weight and variations in temperature. Thanks to its lower cost and strength, wood sleepers have been replaced by concrete ones, but is a laser capable of marking a concrete block?

The answer is yes. With the Series F range of industrial lasers by Macsa ID, we can obtain a deep mark, which favours both the contrast and the visibility of the text.

Marking on an oil bottle (PET)

oil marking Macsa

PET containers are the most frequently used ones in the industry thanks to their resistance, flexibility and its ease of molding. In this case, a QR code + 1 line of text (Macsa’s website) were marked on an oil bottle (PET). The difficulty of this type of marking is to ensure that the coding is visible and readable on the transparent plastic and on a material that can easily become greasy during the production chain process.

The marking visibility is high because the marking obtained is white on the transparent plastic and on the background, which is yellow in this case. With the appropriate power of the laser (30W), a QR code mark is produced which is perfectly readable with any mobile application.