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Solution for controlling production, quality and traceability.

Integra Track&Trace by Macsa is a comprehensive solution for monitoring components, processing all production units and recording the origin of raw materials and the destination of finished products.

Increased security and traceability compliance

Track&Trace makes it easier to ensure that you comply with the traceability regulations applicable to your product, as it logs the production process from start to finish.

- Creation and control of sub-batches in classification and separation processes for batches of raw materials.

- Real-time control of intermediate stocks and works in progress.

- Creation of the genealogy of the finished product, batches of raw materials, additives, auxiliary components and the production sequence.

- Traceability for the distribution and destinations of the finished product.


This software consists of three solutions:

- Integra traceability: Comprehensive solution for your production, quality and traceability control needs. It consists of two modules: one in the plant and the other in an office, for the Quality Department.
- Integra plant traceability: Using touch screens, it allows the operator to take control and monitor the supply, production and shipments, obtain clearly identified quality samples and obtain and provide data for traceability control.
- Integra traceability desktop: This allows the Quality Department to flexibly, quickly and accurately check all of the data relating to traceability and quality control using a user-friendly graphic interface.