Integranet 4.0

For remote management of data and equipment

Integranet 4.0
Integranet 4.0

Macsa ID Integranet 4.0 supports the structure of new technologies and tools. It incorporates solutions for monitoring, predictive maintenance, remote technical assistance and production support.

There are two fundamental mainstays in this transformation of the services:

  • The equipment is intelligently designed so that it is capable of providing status information to make autonomous basic decisions and it is capable of being interconnected with other equipment and information systems. In addition to facilitating the exchange of components, this will minimise down-time.


  • The collection and distribution of data must occur in both ways, simultaneously and globally; all systems for distributing the information and operation of the machines are in real time. Cloud architecture is a key aspect in of the intelligent distribution of information collected from various sources, including processing and decision-making support.


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