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Marking, coding and traceability for multiple markets and applications

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The marking and coding in the food market can be carried out on the same product, on the primary, secondary or tertiary packaging.


Beverage marking solutions are suitable for high-speed production lines and the most demanding of environments.

Home Care

Home care marking solutions are considerate of marking on household products that are potentially hazardous.

Personal Care

Laser marking solutions for personal care items are suitable for a wide range of substrates.


Pharmaceutical coding must guarantee traceability and identification of unsafe products for rapid market extraction in case of emergency.


Marking and coding of logistical products is essential to ensure the traceability of the shipment.


Electronics marking must guarantee high resolution, high contrast and be resistant to chemicals that may deteriorate the coding and reduce readability.

Construction Materials & Consumer Products

The coding in building materials and appliances can be done on the packaging or on the same product, in dirty environments and under extreme temperatures.

Security, ID, Luxury and Tobacco

The correct identification and coding of tobacco products, perfumes and other luxury items allows the brand and its consumers to be protected from counterfeiting.


Automotive coding is required to mark individual pieces for identification purposes and full traceability.


Marking of key information on jewellery is often required to fight against counterfeiting and misappropriation, but increasingly for personalisation.


Medical devices and tools require coding for identification, to add instructions where needed and for traceability.


The industrial sector requires safe and permanent marking and coding solutions, more often for metal and plastic substrates.

Aerospace & Defence

Aeronautical and defence substrates require coding for traceability during the production process.

Promotional Goods

Marking on promotional gifts requires speed and versatility of materials.