Marking and coding in personal care products.

Macsa ID provides solutions for different coding, identification and traceability needs, bringing together the most appropriate technologies in each case, both hardware and software, services, consumables and other supplies. Manufacturers of personal care products (cosmetics, perfumes, dental products, shampoos, personal hygiene products, etc.) must code the packaging of their products according to the legislation of each country.

In Macsa ID we recommend solutions based on laser technology to apply these codes, due to its ability to mark a wide range of materials such as plastics, cardboard, glass, etc. in a clean and safe way, with great legibility, permanence and with low maintenance costs. The most appropriate technology for marking and coding on each particular container depends on its characteristics, whether they be jars of cream, deodorants, aluminium spray cans, makeup as well as perfumes and colognes.

We have a wide range of printing, labelling or laser application solutions to achieve the coding that best suits your product and work environment.

Whatever the material used, Macsa ID solutions will guarantee clear, permanent and secure marking of batch numbers as well as QR codes.

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Success stories

Cotyastor - Spain

HIGH PRECISION SOLUTION FOR COTYASTOR - High quality laser printing solution to print the necessary information in a limited space.


Nivea - Spain

VERSATILE SOLUTION FOR NIVEA - Versatile character laser marking solution for coding polypropylene containers with clear messages and minimum operating costs.


L'Oreal - Spain

EFFICIENT SOLUTION FOR L'OREAL - Laser solution providing speed and printing quality on packaging.