Identification in electronics and telecommunications components.

Manufacturers of components for the electronics and telecommunications sector need to mark their products to identify them, to add instructions and, for reasons of traceability, it is increasingly necessary to mark 2D codes that must comply with the latest safety regulations.

Coding in the electronics sector, on electronic products, ceramics, electronic plates, etc., must guarantee high resolution and high contrast, and be resistant to chemical products that can deteriorate the code and reduce its legibility.

At Macsa ID we recommend applying codes with laser technology systems due to the possibility of printing on metals and on a wide range of plastic substrates. Laser coding is an excellent alternative to other technologies (micro-dots, chemical and micro-percussion) because it is digital, clean, reliable and low-cost.


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Success stories

Owen Mumfort - USA

STATIC LASER SOLUTION FOR OWEN MUMFORT - Static laser equipment to mark large amount of information and with Cognex vision system for a further inspection.


Tyco Electronics- Portugal

LASER SOLUTIONS FOR TYCO ELECTRONICS - Clean and reliable laser marking solution to code logos, product codes, batch number and 2D codes.