HDPE laser marking

HDPE laser marking


Macsa ID laser equipment is used to encode and mark products of a wide variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastics (PET, PVC, HDPE), glass, metals and wood. The messages and graphics that are achieved are high quality, at minimal operating costs and at high speeds.
Application News regularly provides a sample of products that are encoded and labelled with Macsa ID lasers, every day and worldwide.

Automotive oil packaging is often made from polyethylene (HDPE) containers, as these are products that facilitate sealing and handling of the contents, while being durable, recycled and recyclable. Laser marking the container directly allows full traceability from the manufacture of the product until end of life.

HDPE plastics are very common. They’re those used to make milk jugs, shampoo bottles, cleaning product containers, detergent bottles, etc.

In this Application News, we have done laser marking on blue, gold and silver polyethylene bottles. With the three colors, and with a simple font, we have achieved excellent message legibility. The bright pigment of the container paint reacts favorably to laser marking, achieving high contrast and high-quality marking, even when carried out on high-speed production lines.

Technical Data

  • Laser Macsa ID SPA C 30
  • Lens:  60x 60 mm
  • Market Automotive
  • Application Type: Coding
  • Product: Automotive oil
  • Material: HDPE Plastic
  • Marking Type Dynamic
  • Marking Time: 65m / min

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