Marking and coding in parts of the automotive sector.

Component manufacturers for the automotive sector need to mark their products to identify them, add instructions and, due to traceability reasons, it is increasingly necessary to apply a 2D code to these products in order to comply with the AIMDPM-1-2006 regulation.

In the automotive sector, Macsa ID provides solutions for the laser marking of metal parts and plastic materials such as day&night buttons. The marking and coding of vehicle parts facilitates their control, safety and traceability. They can include alpha-numeric information or 2D codes, data matrix or QR codes that contain more information about the components.

Laser coding systems offer low maintenance costs and provide a marking which is resistant to abrasive processes during the production of the parts.


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Success stories

Valeo - Spain

ISOLATED CABIN SOLUTION FOR VALEO - Laser marking solution in an isolated cabin able to mark the product with a large amount of variable information.


Robert Bosch - Spain

EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT SOLUTION FOR BOSCH - Fast and reliable laser solution with compact and easy-to-use laser equipment to provide an indelible mark on the automotive products.