Laser marking on coffee capsules

Laser marking on coffee capsules



Every day, millions of coffee capsules are used around the world, and the traceability of their various compounds and packaging materials is undergoing constant change. Potential applications include the ability to distinguish between different coffee intensities, batch expiry dates, and marketing aspects such as branding logos and capsule designs, among others.


In today’s Application News, the marking we show you was done with a Macsa id SPA2 FP laser. As can be seen in the photos, the reaction of the material is optimal, allowing the contrast to be improved by filling in the alphanumeric characters without perforating the protective layer of the product.

The marking area of the black capsule is made of smooth aluminium, a very common material in capsules. The marking tends to be white and depending on the light reflection, the marking will be more or less visible. In the white capsule we are dealing with a compostable material, where it is possible to get a darker reaction. This type of material is increasingly used in this and many other sectors, as it provides a plus of sustainability, which is increasingly appreciated by consumers.


marcaje láser cápsula café




Laser:                                     SPA 2 FP 

Market:                                  Food

Material:                                Aluminium and Compostable

Product:                                Coffee capsule 

Type of application:            Marking


marcaje láser capsulas café

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