TYCO Electronics-Componentes, Lda. – Plastic

TYCO Electronics-Componentes, Lda. – Plastic


With a 50-plus year history of leadership, Tyco Electronics is one of the world’s largest suppliers of passive electronic components, including connectors and interconnect systems, relays, switches, circuit protection devices, touch screens, sensors, and wire and cable. With more than 75,000 committed employees its products are used primarily in the automotive, computer, communications equipment, industrial machinery, aerospace and defense, household appliance, consumer electronics, commercial equipment, medical and instrumentation markets.

Tyco Portugal needed to print on its products its logo, a product code, a batch number and a 2D code. Although it has been using ink-jet systems made by another supplier, it found that the systems were not reliable, the coding quality was not satisfactory and its maintenance cost was too high. In addition, they were dirty and took a lot of time to get ready for printing.

Macsa proposed to mark with a laser system, the laser coders can be easily installed, they are compact and provide clean marks and codes; cost little to operate and are extremely reliable, furthermore they require no consumables. There are now different MACSA lasers operating at the Evora Plant in Portugal including Macsa K series utility lasers, F series fibre lasers and D series YAG lasers.

“Our goal was to provide a high degree of legibility, increase our productivity and of course reduce maintenance cost. Macsa lasers are systems that produce high quality and permanent codes. They have demonstrated their reliability and we rely on MACSA to give us the best customer service and provide us with the solutions that suit us the best”

CLIENT: TYCO Electronics-Componentes, Lda. Evora, PORTUGAL www.tycoelectronics.com

COUNTRY: Portugal

INDUSTRY: Relays Systems


LASER SOLD: K-1000, F-9000, D-5000