Modular software for the control, management and optimization of the production line.

Control, manage and optimize your production lines in any place and from anywhere with the different software modules of the Macsa ID Integra suite.

Integra Connect

Connection software to integrate different equipment (encoders, readers, artificial vision ...) of the main manufacturers.

Integra Efficiency

Monitoring system for efficiency management and line optimization.

Integra Warehouse

Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Integra Vision

Solution for verification and control of coding and production.

Integra Track & Trace

Traceability solution for productive processes.

Integra Optima

Application for the centralized management of the coding, marking and identification process.

Integra Serialization

Software for the individualized traceability of the supply chain.

Integranet 4.0

Software module for remote management of data and equipment.